For every tapdancing Dr Terry there are a thousand untalented media whores who are damned fine dentists just the same. Putting your hands down the mouths of millions of Australians does not guarantee charisma in front of the camera. Social media has made media whores out of most of us, and thick skins are the symptoms of this particular disease. Do orthodontists make good media talent? Being a dab hand with drill and probe does not ensure a fake smile and desperate need of love from others. However, both professions do require a concern with cosmetic appearance over real substance.

What is Their Philosophy & What Are Their Values?

Seeking orthodontists through their About Us web pages can be akin to flicking through pages on a dating website. His hands are too big. His eyes are too close together. Her mouth reminds me of an avaricious Barracuda. The pickiness can go on and on. Why do I love thee let me count the ways? Your probe is delicately wielded and none too sharp. Your spoon excavator and mouth mirror makes me all aquiver. Even the word ‘orthodontist’ is painful to say. What is their philosophy and what are their values?

I Met a Dentist Just the Other Day

I met a dentist just the other day and I asked him where was the heart of the matter? He replied on the underside of life you will find a bump. Touch the bump and you will discover what it means to be disenfranchised and left out in the cold. The nerve endings of human beings are grist for the dental mill. We wrench out the rottenness in life. We cut away decay and infection. We are the sorry surgeons for the consequences of a life well eaten. We mask the pain that must be spoken.

Do orthodontists make good media talent? Spend a few hours online delving into the websites of dental clinics around the place and you will discover the answer for yourself. Selling yourself is a must in the modern era. Social media demands an easy smile and some palatable answers. What are the real questions to be asked of an orthodontist in 2021? How often do you wash your hands per day? Where is the most important moral matter located within your business? What does your profession have to say about the pandemic? What will the future look like?