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The convenience of online shopping has been quite a blessing for a number of people, especially in times like a global pandemic. Luckily, you can find almost everything on the internet if you look hard enough. A few examples of items you can find are masks, vitamins, over the counter medications, compression socks, skincare items and much more.

However, keep in mind that almost anyone can set up an online store and put on the products for sale without verifying their legitimacy. Many unknowing households are likely to purchase fake, expired or faulty health-related products.

One way of avoiding this is to approach online shopping wisely. Here’s a short checklist of steps that can help in fact-checking whether you’re dealing with the right online store.

1. Look at the Source

Some online sellers set up their e-commerce store for health and wellness items on platforms like Amazon or eBay. If that’s the case, proceed with extra caution and check any reviews and ratings.

Its also recommended to shop for health and wellness items from sellers located in your own country. This can assist with faster shipping times and to make sure items sold are legal in your own country and returns will also be smoother incase your not satisfied.

You want to make sure the e-stores you shop at have a track record and are valid businesses. Anyone can make a website these days and reputable sites will have certain indicators and tools like SSL or Safe shopping guarantees and physical addresses and more.

When your items arrive make sure no seals are broken, check all expiry dates for safety. Leave reviews on the sites you shop at so you can help others make better decisions also.

2. Check the Label

The product is likely to be listed in the online store for purchase. However, if it doesn’t have any product information at all or good pictures, consider that as a red flag. Most legitimate health and wellness product sellers would publish information such as descriptions and ingredients about the product to help shoppers make better decisions. Also its important to make sure sellers also carry brand named items this is an indication that they are vetted and real company and major brands deal with them.

3. Run a Background Check

Check the online store’s name and contact information online. Try to call them up or search on Google Maps to see whether their address is real or not. If you can confirm all these and find other profiles with the same information, there is a chance that they are the real deal.

If a site is selling items like prescription medication you should make sure they offer a valid license to do so. If you are located in Ontario, Canada you can try out a company called MyEasyDose. They have been around for many years and are a valid online pharmacy!

4. Talk with friends and family

It can be tempting to click and buy certain products when you see various promising vitamins or skincare items online. Plenty claim to boost your immune system or solve chronic skin conditions. Some may even advertise miracle results, like weight loss and more. Talk with friends and family and ask around if they have heard of these brands and have any feedback. You can also jump in groups on Facebook and check with other members.


With this ultimate guide, everyone should be able to have a safer online shopping experience in the health and wellness industry. It’s better to take extra steps in being careful, as the health and wellness products you use can be so significant for your overall well-being. always strives for transparency and customer excellence with our shopping guarantee and award winning customer service team.

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